Home Renovations to Start in the Spring

Home Renovations to Start in the Spring

  • Paul Handle
  • 03/9/23

When it comes to renovating your home, the first problem is deciding what you should renovate. The second problem is figuring out when. Fortunately, the timing of your renovation usually depends on the type of project. Whereas some, if not most, projects can be conducted at any point in the year, some are better suited to begin in the spring. If you aspire to renovate your home, consult this guide to learn which projects you should start as soon as the frost gives way to the bloom of a new spring.

Why should you renovate in the spring?

Why do some projects necessitate starting in the spring? There are several reasons, but mostly it comes down to the warmer weather.

Warm weather is ideal for outdoor projects

For example, if you plan to construct a new deck or refurbish an existing one, you’ll want to take advantage of the warmer weather. No one likes working in the cold, and it’s not the most conducive to outdoor projects, anyway. Spring is ideal because it’s not too cold, but it’s not too hot either, whereas the sweltering heat of the summer may also prove undesirable to working outdoors.

Better deals at supply stores

Since a majority of homeowners prefer to renovate their homes in the spring, supply stores tend to promote new deals on the tools and materials these projects need. Even if you plan to hire a contractor, supplying your own materials can significantly reduce the cost. Don’t miss out on the spring deals — stock up on everything you need for a smoother project.

No stressing over the summer

People don’t want to spend their summer laboring over home renovations, and neither should you. Summer should be about enjoying the weather and creating new memories with your family. Better yet, completing your home projects in the spring means you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor by the time summer arrives.

Increase your equity if you plan to sell

If you anticipate selling your home, there is another reason why you should begin home projects in the spring. Depending on the type of renovation, it can increase your home equity and the market value of the property — perfect for increasing your chances of selling your home for good value. A majority of home buyers begin browsing toward the end of the spring, meaning you should have your renovations completed before the peak market season begins.

Home renovation projects to consider

Not every home renovation should be started in the spring. Here are several projects to consider, especially if you plan on selling your home.


This one is obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. All of your landscaping projects should begin and end when the weather is warm and favorable. Even if you’re only implementing a stone path or laying bricks around a flower bed, you’ll feel much better doing so in the spring. The ground is also much softer in the spring, making it easier to work with.

Repaving the driveway

Winter weather is notorious for eroding streets, pavement, and driveways, and attempting any sort of renovation when the path could still be frosted over is risky. Minimize accidents and preserve the structural integrity of your driveway by repaving it in the spring. Sure, rain is also a nuisance, but it won’t freeze and stick like ice and snow.

Replacing the exterior siding

Any work on the exterior of your home should also be performed in the spring. Cold weather can affect siding depending on the material, making it too stiff or slippery to work with. You’ll have a much easier time working on the exterior when it’s nice and warm outside.

Installing or upgrading the deck

As mentioned before, installing or refurbishing your deck is best done in the spring, especially considering the scale of the project. It’s also helpful because the ground is softer, allowing you to renovate the foundation as you so wish.

Repairing the roof

This one is another given – working on the roof in any sort of wintry weather is tremendously risky and unadvised. Ice and frost can stick to the roof, not to mention the sharp icicles that form along the gutters and eaves. Wait for everything to have fully melted before you begin any work on the roof.

Rolling in some new flooring

Stripping and replacing the flooring is primarily an indoor project, but you’ll have a lot of people and materials coming in and out of the building. You might also end up having to leave a few windows open to air out any dust and odors during and after the project. As a result, floor replacement is also best done in the spring when you can tolerate the spring breeze.

It all comes down to necessity

Figuring out the best time to schedule a renovation depends on practicality and necessity. For example, which of your renovations are outdoor projects? Do you plan on installing new windows or replacing their frames? What about floor replacements? Even though replacing the flooring is an indoor project, you might keep your front door open as people come and go. You also need to think about which projects involve hazardous odors or other potentially toxic chemicals. For example, a new coat of varnish will require you to open windows to let the home air out. The same goes for dusty, messy projects — you don’t want yourself, your family, and even your pets breathing anything harmful in.
All in all, opt for renovating in the spring. The weather is preferable for any type of project, supply stores offer tons of deals on materials, and it paves the way to the housing season if you plan to sell.
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